Sunday, January 22, 2012

What? Still no comments?

I tweeted about my last post only because I hoped to get some comments. That's what the post was about, after all, looking for some reasonable explanation I could pass along to another writer who's hoping to get published.

 Most of the people I follow on twitter are writers, and writers in progress so I figured at least one of that small group might have some insight, or at least some opinion.

It didn't happen. Not a single comment. Not even a spam comment!

Am I disappointed? A little. Am I discouraged? A little.

After all, I'm not looking for fans or followers and even though it would be nice if I had a legion of people who enjoy or disapprove about what I say here, that doesn't apply.

Oh well. I'll just tell the person who is waiting for an answer that's better than the one I gave that so far, my followers are a lot like agents -- they don't bother to respond.

So to hell with them. I'll look for answers myself. And when I find some, I'll gladly comment, if asked.

Which brings to mind a starting point, a link offered by Zemanta in blogger. It looks like the beginning of an interesting search.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Query letters versus resumes

Here's a copy of an email message I received from an aspiring best-selling author, a man who has written his first novel.
Tell me why applying for representation from an agent is any different from applying for a job. For a job you send out 20 or 30 resumes, and with one or more replies you complete the applications and go for the interviews. Whoever picks you first, well, usually you take the first job that comes along.

Tell me why a literary agent is any different; you send out 20 or 30 query letters and whoever comes along first you jump on it.
I know I'm naive, but what else is new.
Can anyone tell me how to answer that?

Also, I know the stock answer; but in this day and age, when snagging an agent, yet alone a publisher, is getting harder and harder, should we play by their rules?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Coming soon: Top Ten Mysteries of the Decade

A while back, I noted that I wouldn’t be posting to the blog as often. As you can see, I’ve stuck to that resolution.

I also promised a little series about the top ten books of the last decade in different genres, compiled by some of my Las Vegas (and Henderson, of course) bookseller friends. The first one covering science fiction and fantasy (prepared by Ann DeVere of Plaza Books) appeared in my Dec. 1 post.

In a few days, I’ll have the second installment featuring the top ten mysteries, compiled by the not-so-mysterious Phil Deflumer of Greyhound’s Books.

Remember, though, these are the top ten print books of the past decade. When this series is complete, I hope to reach out to the eBook world for top ten picks.