Monday, December 17, 2012

Unusual things found in books: Part three

It seems rather appropriate.

Last week, while browsing through some old books at Plaza Books, my favorite used bookstore in Las Vegas, I came across a postcard that someone had left behind as a bookmark.

Call it synchronicity for this particular card to be found at this time, just a week before Christmas Eve.

I asked for permission to take the card home to scan, a request graciously granted.

It's a bit difficult to see  but the date on the postcard is 12-22-15 and the cost of the stamp? A mere one-cent!

I'll use this post to wish everyone a peaceful, Merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

This blog isn't dead

This blog isn't dead. It's just in hibernation, sort of.

I've read several articles lately that focus on whether or not blogging is dead. It's almost as if there's a bandwagon someone built, one that a lot of writers are jumping on. The folks agree that blogging is not dead; it's just fading away. I disagree. I think it's dying for those people who have discovered it's too hard to write anything useful, creative, interesting, or fun on a regular basis.It's dying for many people who have no focus and in some cases, limited time. It's probably true for people who have little to post except pictures of grandkids, sunsets, and self-promotion. (You can get all that on social media sites.)

It's probably true for many companies that do not employ freelance bloggers or full-time writers to maintain a blog.

 But blogging offers so much more than a person can get out of a 140-character post or a social media comment. It's great for offering detailed perspectives, for instruction, for a reader how-to, for making someone laugh, or to invite debate and comment. It's a good place to present and defend an opinion. It's a good start for a company or an individual to promote something without taking on the expense of a website.

None of those things is dead.

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