Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Say hello to Lucy, patron saint of authors

This is Lucy. She floats on the wall above the sofa, opposite the chair where I sit with laptop perched on my knees as I write.

Lucy is named after Lucy of Syracuse, the patron saint of authors.

She isn't the only patron saint of writers; Saints Paul and Francis de Sales get the most hype (Is it okay to refer to religious beliefs as hype?), but it wouldn't be fitting to name my muse Paul or Francis.

Actually, I can't find any substantive explanation as to why Lucy has been signaled out for this honor. Primarily, she is the patron saint of all things to do with eyes. (I won't go into the reason for this; it's kind of gruesome.)

Anyway, that's my Lucy (and thanks to cousin Janine for helping me decide what to name her.) I've grown very fond of her but just in case she's not enough to get my books on the top-ten list on Amazon, I think I'm going to order one of these. these.