Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Who wrote the Bible again?

Since I sell used books via Amazon, I am often looking for stock numbers, condition notes, and other comments about books I plan to list. It's a bit time consuming but at least once a week, I find something that breaks the monotony and either makes me smile (or laugh out loud), or gives me a reason to shake my head (in chagrin).

I recently acquired two Giant Print editions of the Bible and in order to list one of them, I had to find the same item on Amazon in order to use their required stock number (since the Bible doesn't have an ISBN)

It took some scrolling through numerous listings to find what I was looking for but the task had it's moments because it appears other sellers just couldn't get a handle on how to handle the required "author" section of their Amazon listings.

Here are some of their creative approaches.

  • Holy Bible King James Version Giant Print Center-Column Reference Edition (893NB) by Many
  • Holy Bible, Keystone Giant Print Presentation Edition: King James Version by Bible
  • Holy Bible(Containing The Old and New Testaments): NKJV, New King James Version, Giant Print Center-Column (Reference... by Unknown
  • LARGE PRINT EDITION Authorized King James Version Holy Bible: Old Testament & New Testament (ILLUSTRATED) by God and Christian Miracle Foundation Press
  • LARGE PRINT EDITION The Catholic Bible | The Catholic Holy Bible - Church Authorized Douay-Rheims / Rheims-Douai... by God, Bible Kindle, The Catholic Bible and Christian Miracle Foundation Press
  • The Living Bible/Giant Print by Holy Spirit
  • Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments ; King James Version Giant Print Edition by A Regency Bible
  • Holy Bible - Giant Print - Toffee Leathersoft - Red Letter Edition (Read-Along References and Faith-Building Gift... by through the inspired writers God
  • So there you have it. Presenting The Bible by Many, Unknown, the Holy Sprit, and of course, BY GOD!