Thursday, October 2, 2014

New Directions

Since I've done two or three eBooks on my own, I was had the opportunity a few months back to work on a video poker book. Not unusual since I worked in the gaming publishing industry for many years and knew many authors and publishers, but also because I reviewed a number of books on the subject, wrote a few articles, ghosted a couple of books--and I've been known to play the game.

I formatted the work for publication then published it under the banner of Green Felt Books.

Doing that prompted me to look at other options for the clever name ... but it also made me realize how badly I've been neglecting all sorts of promotion for the stuff that I do to keep active and (not incidentally) to help supplement a retirement income sorely incapable of fulfilling retirement dreams.

So I'll be changing directions a bit here, which is something I do naturally anyhow so for me, it won't be a major trauma. I have a naturally curious mind that's always interested in learning something new. I can't even say for certain where I'm going with all this but I do know I know I'm heading into new territory (I will, of course, continue to write) to discover more about, well, about anything that pops up.

And ...

All this will just continue to reinforce my belief that every day is a lesson.

Oh, and here's a link to that video poker book.